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Pope Benedict XVI has officially declared a Year of Faith that will BEGIN on October 11, 2012.
This year will focus on Jesus Christ as the Light of Nations and emphasize evangelization
in the church. One of the Vatican's recommendations for inspiring the faithful is to encourage
devotions to Mary. we carry several marian products as well as special year of faith items.

This IS the the perfect year TO encourage parishioners to read the bible, pray the rosary,
learn about novenas, teach about the importance & graces received at Adoration, etc.

Great time to begin a bible study or OFFER READING MATERIALS AT CHURCH.

 Item # Description Price Qty
 5071    Off-White Chasuble with logo of the Year of the Faith embroidered in Dupion fabric (30% viscose, 70% polyester), with roll collar "3" and band in dark red Dupion. Inside stole included. The logo does not show the dates, so it can be used afterwards. Length 53", Width 59"    $570.00   

 Item # Description Price Qty
 34-5071    Off-White Deacon Stole with logo of the Year of the Faith embroidered in Dupion fabric (30% viscose, 70& polyester)    $178.00   

 Item # Description Price Qty
 5071    Off-White Overlay Stole with logo of the Year of the Faith embroidered in Dupion fabric (30% viscose, 70& polyester), Size 57" Length, 4-3/4" Width, Flat Capuche Neck    $178.00   

 Item # Description Price Qty
 7145    Brand New! Year of Faith Banner With the Official Logo as Approved by the Pontifical Council For the New Evangelization. Size is 9' x 3', Finished at top with open hem, includes wooden rod, hanging cord. Latin wording.    $60.00   


 Item # Description Price Qty
 9780385479677    Catechism of the Catholic Church, Paperback
Requiring more than seven years of research, nine complete redrafts, and more than 84,000 changes, the new Catechism conveys the Church's essential teachings clearly, concisely, and in a way that speaks directly to practicing Catholics. And, because of its interfaith openness, it relates to readers far beyond the borders of Catholicism. 1.5" H x 6.82" L x 4.2" W (1.2 lbs) 864 pages
 9780385479677    Catechism of the Catholic Church, Paperback Bulk Price for 24+ Copies    $8.50/each   
 9780385479844    Spanish Catechism of the Catholic Church, Paperback    $9.99/each   
 9780385479844    Spanish Catechism of the Catholic Church, Paperback Bulk Price for 24+ Copies    $8.50/each   

 Item # Description Price Qty
 9780879739768    Catechism of the Catholic Church, Green Paperback
Incorporates all the final modifications made in the official Latin text of the Catechism; Provides a much more complete index, Contains a brand new glossary of terms, Includes Pope John Paul II's 1997 decree promulgating the official Latin text. All this new information adds up to 100 pages more than in the original edition which means the second edition is not only easier to use and easier to understand, it's the definitive version of the Catechism. 2.0" H x 8.9" L x 6.0" W (2.75 lbs) 928 pages
 9780879739768    Catechism of the Catholic Church, Green Paperback, Price for 12+ copies    $21.20/each   
 9780307952806    Vatican II, The Essential Texts
As the council is commemorated on its 50th anniversary, readers can turn to these source materials to better understand the Church's positions on its relationship with the secular world and other religions, human rights, and other still highly relevant issues.

 Item # Description Price Qty
978-0-87793-653-4           This is Our Faith by Michael Pennock, Paperback
This Is Our Faith continues to serve the Church as a leading summary of Catholic doctrine. Prepared in conjunction with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, this catechism for adults is arranged in accord with the four pillars of the Catechism: The Profession of Faith, The Celebration of the Christian Mystery, Life in Christ, and Christian Prayer. Questions for discussion are also presented in This Is Our Faith. Prayer exercises help the reader understand that knowledge of the faith draws one closer to the Lord. This Is Our Faith is specifically designed as a catechism for Catholic adults, for those new to the church, and those journeying through the RCIA. 6" x 9"; 368 pages
   $16.95/each for 1-5 Copies   
 978-0-87793-653-4    This is Our Faith, 6 or More Copies Price    $14.40/each for 6+ copies   
 978-1-59471-285-2    Seekers Catechism by Michael Pennock
In this revised edition of the concise and readable introduction to the riches of the Catholic faith, renowned catechetical author Michael Pennock poses and then briefly answers 210 questions that are essential to understanding the basics of Catholicism. The Seeker's Catechism addresses such questions as: What is divine revelation? What is grace? What does a sacrament do? Why confess our sins? This book is ideal for adults or teens interested in becoming Catholic through RCIA, preparing for Confirmation, returning to the Church, or simply wanting to begin a closer examination of the faith, this book makes an ideal gift for seekers as they begin to explore or work to enhance their understanding of Catholicism and deepen their relationships with God. 5" x 7", 160 pages.
   $6.95/each for 1-5 Copies   

 Item # Description Price Qty
 X1376    Price for 1-9 Packs of Year of Faith Magnets; Vibrantly illustrated, this 3" x 4" magnet is the perfect addition to your fridge at home or magnet board at the office or classroom. It offers 7 simple faith habits to help both parents and kids celebrate the Year of Faith and grow closer to God., 50/pk
19 Packs Left in Stock!
 X1376    Special Price for Ten or More Packs of Year of Faith Magnets (50 per pack)
19 Packs Left in Stock!

 Item # Description Price Qty
 9781612786230    The Year of Faith: A Bible Study For Catholics by Mitch Pacwa
Society is struggling with what Pope Benedict has called "profound crisis of faith that has affected many people." The Holy Father has called believers all to a Year of Faith from October 2012 to November 2013. Fr. Pacwa once again leads Catholics to a deeper understanding of Pope Benedict's call to action for the year. 0.4" H x 8.7" L x 5.9" W. Price is for 1-23 copies.
 9781612786230    The Year of Faith: A Bible Study For Catholics Special Price for 24+ Copies    $8.50/each   

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