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holy water tanks

Stainless steel holy water tanks.
Your choice of three models - From Left to Right:
1103-30 - 6-gallon tank, stainless steel container on black and silver stand. Removable stainless steel drip basin. 45"High, 13" Diameter. $1,285.00
1101-30 - 10-gallon tank, stainless steel container on satin bronze finished aluminum stand. 48"High, 15" Diameter. $1,800.00
242-119 - 10-gallon Bronze metal tank, stainless steel container. Your choice of satin finish or high polish finish. 58"High, 23" Diameter, 17" Wide. $4,880.00 satin finish, $5,420.00 high polish finish.
  Model # (Left to Right)   Size   
  Select Tank Size 
  # 1103-30   45" High, 13" Diameter     
  # 1101-30   48" High, 15" Diameter     
  # 242-119   58" High, 23" Diameter, 17" Wide       
Stainless Steel Six-Gallon Holy Water Receptacles.
First one shown on left comes with a satin bronze base, push button faucet, clear plastic drip basin, trim and supports. Height 46", Price $1,260.00 each.
Second one is antique brown with steel base and column. Satin bronze drip tray and push button faucet. Height 46", Base Diameter 14", Price $925.00 each.
  Model # (Left to Right)   Size   
  Select Type 
  # 26DWH10   6-gallon     
  # 36DWH15   6-gallon     


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