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Beautifully constructed binders for use at worship.
Perfect for presiders, cantors and lectors.
Ideal for accompanists to use for each week's service music.
Use for general intercessions, announcements, special
rites or programs. Features three-ring format,
holds pages up to standard 8-1/2 x 11 size, varnished
fabric cover, elegant foil embossing,
inside front pocket, 8 colors available, 1" spine.
We have listed suggested times to use each color binder.
$21.95 each

***Ivory/red binder is the only one available in 1-1/2" spine for $23.95
 006511     Black & Taupe with Gold Foil Binder
Use for choirs, funerals, general purpose.
 006510     Rich Blue & Deep Blue with Silver Binder
Use for Marian feasts, Advent, general purpose.
 006586     Green & Ivory with Copper Foil Binder
Use for Ordinary time, general purpose.
 006630     Royal Purple and Violet with Silver Foil Binder
Use for Advent, Lent, general purpose.
 006629     Deep Violet & Rose with Gold Foil Binder
Use for Lent, Advent, general purpose.
 006631     Red & Black with Gold Foil Binder
Use for Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Pentecost, feasts of Martyrs and Apostles, general purpose.
 006632     Gray & Dark Blue with Pewter Foil Binder
Use for Lent, Funerals, Remembrance Books, general purpose.
 003356     Ivory & Red with Gold Foil Binder-SHOWN BOTTOM
Use for Christmas, Easter, Weddings, solemnities, memorials, Marian feasts, general purpose.
 006633     Ivory & Red with Gold Foil Binder 1-1/2" Spine $21.95 (only one available with larger spine)

Brand new series of binders perfect for the liturgical seasons.
These binders have a stunning gold foil-stamped cross, one inch spine,
three-ring format, can hold pages up to 8-/2" x 11", laminated textured cover,
and inside front pocket for loose papers and cards. 1" Spine
$19.95 each

 Item # Description Price Qty
 006779    BRAND NEW!
Set of 4 Binders - One Each: Ivory, Green, Red & Purple with Gold Cross
 006775    Ivory with Gold Cross Binder    $19.95   
 006776    Green (color as shown) with Gold Cross Binder    $19.95   
 006777    Red (more of a true red than shown) with Gold Cross Binder    $19.95   
 006778    Purple (as shown) with Gold Cross Binder    $19.95   

Now you can protect your iPad from unexpected drops, bumps, and scrapes
while also displaying your faith. These Ceremonial iPad Tablet Cases are made of
hi-impact molded plastic and are covered with an additional protective
layer of Skivertex. Each tablet case is decorated with a very nice gold-stamped cross placed atop
a rich seasonal liturgical color of your choice; white, green, red, or royal purple.
So much more than a decorative cover, these new tablet cases for the iPad
are custom-designed and shock-resistant. They are ideal for clergy who use an iPad to assist
in celebrating the Mass, for those who travel with an iPad for ministry, for parish musicians who use
an iPad to organize and play music during worship, and for all Christians who would like
a unique, decorative case for their personal device. Priced at $79.95 each, SAVE ON ALL 4!  $295.95!
***Colors as shown above - truer red, green, and purple than shown below.

 Item # Description Price Qty
 006788    BRAND NEW!
Purple Liturgical iPad Cover - purple as shown on binders above
 006787    Red Liturgical iPad Cover - true red color - not the pink as shown    $79.95/ea.   
 006785    White Liturgical iPad Cover    $79.95/ea.   
 006786    Green Liturgical iPad Cover - green color as shown above on binders    $79.95/ea.   
 006789    SAVE! iPad Covers - Set of Four Colors    $295.95/ea.   

Ceremonial Binders, Series 3 WLP is proud to offer a new series of binders
perfect for the liturgical seasons. With a stunning wheat from the One in Faith series
adorning the cover, these binders are an attractive and durable solution for choirs to keep
and display their music, for parish musicians to assemble each week's accompaniments,
and for clergy and parish leaders to use for intercessions, special rites, seasonal service programs,
and general announcements. Also makes a wonderful gift! These Binders are constructed with the
quality of the first series of WLP binders offering you long-lasting resilience against wear-and-tear.
Each Binder includes: Three-ring format holds pages up to 8-1/2 x 11 size. 1-inch spine laminated textured cover.
Varnished fabric cover. Elegant gold foil-stamped image of wheat. Inside front pocket for loose papers and cards.

 Item # Description Price Qty
 006805    BRAND NEW!
Ceremonial Binder Series 3 - Black
 006803    Ceremonial Binder Series 3 - Red    $19.95/ea.   
 006801    Ceremonial Binder Series 3 - Ivory    $19.95/ea.   
 006802    Ceremonial Binder Series 3 - Green    $19.95/ea.   
 006804    Ceremonial Binder Series 3 - Purple    $19.95/ea.   


Brand New Item! Ceremonial Folders, Series 1
By popular request! These attractive and useful Ceremonial Folders are designed
to hold one or two single sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper. The cover design features
the exquisite two-tone stamped cross design with gold foil
found on our Series 1 Ceremonial Binders. Each folder holds one or two single sheets of paper
that you can easily tuck into the grosgrain ribbon corner holders. Ideal for use by
lectors (with intercessions placed on one side and parish announcements placed on the other),
by priests and deacons, and by cantors (to hold the psalm).
Consider having brides and grooms use at weddings to hold their vows,
or use as a presentation folder for special awards or appreciation certificates.
Available in 5 colors, for the liturgical seasons and general use.


 Item # Description Price Qty
 006835    BRAND NEW!
Ceremonial Folder Series 1 - Black
 006834    Ceremonial Folder Series 1 - Purple    $21.95/ea.   
 006833    Ceremonial Folder Series 1 - Red    $21.95/ea.   
 006832    Ceremonial Folder Series 1 - Green    $21.95/ea.   
 006831    Ceremonial Folder Series 1 - Ivory    $21.95/ea.   

Always remember to inquire if you have a special request!

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