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Contemporary and traditional designs available.
Color choices are: white, blue, green, purple, red and oyster.
Designs made as shown but email if you would like something custom.
Fabric is a blend of 50% rayon and 50% polyester.
Maximum width of altar is 48".
Hemming charge is included in the price.
**Please give us measurements A, B, C & D when ordering!
Put dimensions in special instructions of shopping cart
(As shown on altar table diagram below).
Extra designs can be placed elsewhere for additional fee-email for quote.
Price of altar cloths is $207.00 and if side drops are 16" or more $240.00.
Front drop minimum 12" on designs SL9408, SL9409, SL9400
Front drop minimum 11" on designs SL9445, SL8000
Front drop minimum 10" on designs SL9401, SL9402, SL9403, SL9404,
SL9405, SL9MCX, SL1000, SL9407, SL5 and SL2000

Altar Cloths

Designs to choose from:


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Always remember to inquire if you have a special request!

For more information
please contact us: Toll Free: 1-800-749-2340
In Cleveland: (330) 487-1134
FAX: (330) 487-5158

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