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Durable Oven Baked Finish

69C18 - Acolyte Candlestick, satin bronze coated with a clear baked-on powder
coat finish to prevent tarnishing. Waffle patterned glass of clear or amber colors.
Supplied with your choice 7/8" socket or husk for 15-hour glass.

69C15 - Acolyte Candlestick, shafts are ash wood with walnut finish
or oak wood with light, medium or dark finish. Waffle patterned glass
of crystal or amber colors. Glass measures 3-9/16" bottom diameter.
Supplied with either 7/8" socket or husk for 15-hour glass.

Item # Dimensions Select Globe/View Price - Left to Right Qty
69C18  Base Diameter 6", 22"Height 
69C15  Base Diameter 6", 22"Height 
69GB15  Extra Globe 
69NS15  Extra Screws 

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